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Westmount Estates

The Westmount Estates is an exciting new development in Mesa being designed and built by United Realty a local Arizona company. We are currently asking for a public review and as such have made our designs and plans available. The rezoning and planning meeting will be April 26th at 2:00 PM.

Updated zoom meeting for April 26th at 2:00pm.


Topic: Westmount Estates

Time: Apr 26, 2021 02:00 PM Arizona


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Meeting ID: 969 8400 3730

Passcode: t83jLz

Please email with any feedback on the plans as presented. 

The property sits on the south side of McKellips Road, west of the Consolidated Canal and east of the Utah Canal.  The site is made up of three parcels with a total of 3.714 acres.  The north two parcels are zoned RM-4 while the southmost parcel is zoned RS-9.  Our request to the City of Mesa is to change the zoning for all three parcels to RM-2.

Because of the site’s location and elevation there are stunning views of the surrounding area from the property.  There will be spectacular views from the balconies of each unit and the views will also open up from between the buildings.    


The units will fit into the contours of the site and the units will step down on the west to take full advantage of the views.  No unit is higher than two levels and a maximum of 30 feet above grade.


The proposed development includes fourteen 1559sf 3-bedroom units and sixteen 1340sf 2-bedroom units for a total of thirty units.    


The site is separated from surrounding properties by the canals along with a 25 foot landscape setback from all single family zoned adjacent properties.  Amenities in the development include a fitness area, pool, and a playground with playground equipment.  There will be pedestrian connection between the property and the Consolidated Canal.

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